The U.S. is expected to need 1.2 million additional registered nurses by 2030 and the healthcare industry anticipates a struggle to fill those roles. Some of those struggles are compounded by a nursing educator shortage, the stress of the job due to an aging population and the pandemic, as well as nurses’ preference to work in metropolitan areas as opposed to rural communities. What is the solution the health care industry is turning to? Clinical Process Outsourcing.

What is Clinical Process Outsourcing?

Clinical Process Outsourcing (CPO), a term coined by Shearwater Health in 2009, is the delegation of healthcare focused administrative work that requires a clinician or is made better because of clinical expertise. To put it more simply, CPO is essentially business process outsourcing (BPO) with a clinical focus.

Clinical Process Outsourcing allows you to allocate US-based nurses to tasks that require physically interacting with a patient, where they make the biggest impact.

Why should you consider Clinical Process Outsourcing?

  • Free U.S-based nurses to focus on caring for patients and stops unnecessary spend on administrative work
  • Address gaps in RCM and improve collections while reducing denials
  • Improve patient satisfaction and Quality of Care
  • Reduce the costs for hospitals and medical facilities which in turn allows the hospital to invest in patient services, research, and purchased goods to enhance patient care

What you should look for in a CPO Partner

  • Dedication to Quality
  • Modes of transparency
  • Ability to handle complex clinical workflows
  • Meets the highest standards of security and compliance
  • English Proficiency
  • Seamless Implementation Process
  • Healthcare Expertise

Shearwater Health CPO Solutions 

With a concentrated focus on the healthcare market, Shearwater Health combines our clinical expertise and business acumen to assist clients in delivering improved quality of care, reduced cost, and improved clinical processes.

Through robust services dedicated to coding, utilization management, bill review, patient care, and absence & disability management, Shearwater Health uses global delivery to provide custom clinical solutions at scale to hospitals, health plans, managed care, life science, and absence management organizations.

Contact us today to find out what a CPO partnership with Shearwater Health can do for your organization.