When U.S. hospitals were beginning to adapt to the COVID-19 pandemic, hospitals around the world were also preparing for and handling the virus as it hit their countries. As a nurse staffing company that recruits international nurses from countries around the world, we were uniquely positioned to learn how the pandemic was affecting nurses and measure hospital response to COVID-19 across different countries.

We made the decision to survey our nursing population and capture their responses in an infographic.

International Nurse COVID-19 Hospital Research

In June we gathered 577 responses from international nurses representing over 32 countries. We determined that a short, 8-question survey would be the most effective in gathering data from a group of busy international nurses serving their communities. Due to the large scope of information surrounding the pandemic, we narrowed the data we wanted to gather into three categories:

  1. PPE Access
  2. Hospital Preparedness & Quality of Care
  3. Societal Action & Perception of COVID-19

Here were some of the most interesting findings from our research:

  • 1 in 4 nurses in the U.S had to reuse PPE across multiple shifts which was more than any other country.
  • Saudi Arabia, The Philippines, and Jamaica had the highest percentage (40%+) of respondents say they always had access to necessary, clean PPE.
  • Most countries rated their hospital’s care of COVID-19 patients positively (6 or better on scale of 1-10), but nurses in Saudi Arabia gave the most positive ratings.

Nurses also provided open responses to the stigmas and difficulties of being a nurse during the pandemic. In the Philippines some said it was difficult for healthcare workers to find transportation or make living arrangements because people assumed they were carriers of the virus. This sentiment was echoed by African nurses who said being known as a nurse automatically presented a presumption of infection.

No matter which country nurses are from, we acknowledge that they’re on the frontlines fighting against this pandemic. Without these heroes, we’d be in a much worse position. We’re grateful to all the nurses who participated and all those who strive to care well for their patients.

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Nurse COVID-19 Infographic

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