It’s never been more crucial to understand EB3 visa requirements. Across the U.S., doctors and nurses are overwhelmed with patients suffering from COVID-19, and experts estimate 1 in 8 nursing positions will go unstaffed this year. 

While that prediction brings anxiety, it also brings opportunity. In order to fight COVID-19, the U.S. healthcare system needs creative solutions to solve their nursing shortage. Even with rapidly changing immigration policy, international nurses who want to migrate to the U.S. to advance their careers are part of that solution. 

At Shearwater Health, we are working hard to help the U.S. meet that increased demand, and that starts with helping nurses understand EB3 visa requirements.

Here is everything international nurses need to know.

EB3 Visa Requirements

The EB3 permanent resident visa requires 3 things:

  1. An open position.
    This is already met by the current shortage of nurses across the U.S.
  2. A qualified worker.
    Having a nursing degree qualifies you for this type of visa as a skilled worker.
  3. A petitioner.
    Every qualified worker must have a petitioner who can submit an I-140 petition to the government and demonstrate an ability to pay that worker once they arrive in the U.S. 

How We Help Nurses Meet EB3 Visa Requirements

The process of getting a green card for nurses can be challenging, so we’ve created a free immigration sponsorship process for international nurses that we manage from application through approvals. Here’s how it works.

1. Apply

You apply online. If we offer you a position, the process begins.

2. Study and pass the NCLEX.

We provide study materials to prepare you for the NCLEX, or U.S. nursing license exam, which usually takes several months of studying. We pay all fees related to testing and travel.

3. We file a petition.

Once you pass the NCLEX, Shearwater will file an I-140 petition to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) on your behalf. The petition includes forms, as well as information about your nursing background and about Shearwater as an employer.

4. Your petition is processed. 

All petitions to meet EB3 visa requirements are either:

    • Approved 
    • Denied, or
    • Trigger a Request For Evidence (RFE), aka more information.

Because of Shearwater’s legal expertise, most of our petitions result in approvals. Sometimes we receive RFEs that delay the process, but our petitions are ultimately typically approved.

5. You receive a priority date.

Once your petition is approved, USCIS assigns you a priority date, which puts you in line for a visa. These are first-come, first-served, however nationality does factor in as some countries have greater demand for immigration. The USCIS releases a monthly bulletin with this information, which Shearwater tracks and shares.

Bottle Neck

Learn all about priority dates by clicking on the image.

6. You take the IELTS exam. 

While waiting for your date to become current, you can take the International English Language Testing System exam (IELTS) to demonstrate language proficiency.

7. Visa stage and applying for a VisaScreen Certificate.

You then enter the visa stage, which is controlled by the National Visa Center (NVC). After passing the IELTS exam, you will be eligible to apply for a VisaScreen Certificate. To get this certificate, CGFNS International will conduct a comprehensive screening to ensure that you are eligible for a permanent resident visa. This VisaScreen will be required at your embassy interview.

    • We pay all your fees and submit documents on your behalf to the NVC. 
    • The NVC may request more documents, which can again delay the process, but we will work tirelessly to get you a case complete.

8. U.S. embassy interview.

The last step is to attend an interview. We will prepare you fully with documents, a medical exam, and information about what you can expect in the interview.

9. You move to the U.S.

Once you pass the interview, you’ll begin the process of moving to the U.S. You can participate in choosing your hospital placement, get your green card, and begin your career with Shearwater Health. 

Apply Now

As you can see, the process to meet EB3 visa requirements is not simple, but it can be much simpler if you partner with an organization that understands and manages the whole process. 

At Shearwater Health, that includes everything above as well as:

  • Legal expertise
  • Updates through the documentation process
  • Ability to include immediate family on petition
  • Accredited online education before exams
  • Free exams and visa screenings

Click here to apply for a green card for nurses today.