The COVID-19 vaccination rollout is reaching the world’s population at rates that vary greatly by country. In the U.S., where Shearwater Health is based, the rate is faster than most other countries. In February, the vaccination rate topped 2 million doses per day.


In the Philippines, where most of our employees are based, the government has been working diligently to procure and approve the administration of vaccines, and vaccinations will soon begin at scale.


Shearwater is pleased to announce that we will provide free COVID-19 vaccines to our 3,000+ Philippine employees.


Once the vaccine has been approved by the Philippines government, we will administer the vaccine to all employees on a voluntary basis.


Shearwater and its employees support the safety and efficacy of vaccines approved by the respective federal health agencies in the U.S. and the Philippines. Over 85% of Shearwater employees, most of whom are clinicians, have expressed their desire to receive a vaccine. Shearwater will provide the Moderna vaccine to our Philippines-based employees.


COVID-19 vaccinations will move us toward maximizing health and wellbeing for our employees, as well as creating a safe work environment where our employees can collaborate in the work we do for our clients.


The timetable for administering the vaccine has yet to be established, but we are preparing for administration in the next few months.