When nurses apply to take their nursing career to the U.S. with Shearwater Health, there’s a common theme: they want to advance their career and gain more opportunities in their clinical profession. Professional growth is a characteristic we enthusiastically support, and we want to reward nurses as they develop themselves professionally.

To encourage advancement for our nurses under contract, we have launched the Shearwater Clinical Ladder Program.

Clinical ladders exist to recognize and reward bedside nurses who go above and beyond day-to-day care, proactively stay up-to-date on clinical practices, take on leadership roles, and work to build strong healthy communities.

Shearwater’s Clinical Ladder will have four categories of excellence to promote growth in:

1) Clinical Practice

2) Leadership

3) Professional Growth Development

4) Community Involvement

Nurses who engage in specific activities in these four categories will be eligible for an increase in pay rate as a reward for their commitment to growth. All Shearwater Nurses under contract in the U.S. are eligible to participate in the Clinical Ladder Program beginning in April 2020.

As nurses work to increase their skills, knowledge, professionalism, and build healthier communities, the result will be improved patient safety, patient satisfaction, and nursing practice. We’re excited to enable continued development of Shearwater Nurses’ exceptional care and community involvement through the Clinical Ladder Program.