Inspired by their CEO’s personal donation to provide meals to Vanderbilt University Medical Center workers, Shearwater employees wanted to join in the giving and expand to another Nashville hospital.  They raised money among themselves to donate meals to another local client, Nashville General Hospital.

Shearwater CEO Tom Kendrot initially setup a system with chef Philip Krajeck, owner of Rolf & Daughters and Folk, to deliver 500 meals to Vanderbilt University Medical Center staff. As these meal contributions neared the end, Shearwater employees offered to donate to keep it going.

“I didn’t want employees to feel obligated to donate since this is a difficult time for many,” said Kendrot. When Shearwater employees suggested that they raise their own funds, “I was overwhelmed with the eagerness of our team to contribute to this meal delivery system I setup with Phil.”

Due to admirable local generosity, hospitals like VUMC and St. Thomas have been flooded with donations during the pandemic, so the team specifically wanted to contribute this new set of meals to Nashville General.

“Imagine facing the invisible and somewhat unknown virus called COVID-19 every moment you arrive at work – it is worrisome, stressful, and potentially harmful to you and your family,” said Vernon Rose, Executive Director of the NGH Foundation. “It can be lonely, until individuals like Shearwater’s employees decide to reach out and let our team know they are not alone. Something as simple as a good lunch lets us know there’s an entire community behind us.”

Once employees submitted their personal pledges, Shearwater matched the contributions which allowed the team to donate 500 meals for Nashville General workers.

One of Kendrot’s original purposes in giving locally made, high quality food was to prompt creativity in others to find ways to contribute to the healthcare community. Little did he know it would inspire his own employees to help fulfill their mission to improve healthcare outcomes globally.

If you’d like to donate to Nashville General’s Foundation, please visit their website here.

Nashville General Meal Donation Dropoff Nashville General Meal Donation Dropoff Nashville General Meal Donation Dropoff