We are humbled by the courage of nurses we recruit from many different countries to come work and live in the United States. They are adventurous and passionate enough to leave their communities and start new lives to care for U.S. patients. Our nurses inspire us to continuously refine the way we welcome and support them in their U.S. careers.

To create an even better experience for international nurses, Shearwater Health is announcing its inaugural Clinical Advisory Board. The Clinical Advisory Board includes current and former Shearwater nurses who live across the U.S. and are passionate about the nursing practice.

Nurses truly are our partners in our mission to improve health outcomes globally. Without their success at the bedside and in their personal lives, we would not be successful. Members of our Clinical Advisory Board have successfully transitioned to life as a nurse in the U.S. Their firsthand experience will strengthen Shearwater’s ability to support our nurses’ success. By listening to their experiences, we will incorporate their insight into enhanced programs for our nurses.

Members of the Clinical Advisory Board were nominated and selected based on their desire to motivate not only international nurses considering making the brave jump to practice in the U.S., but also helping U.S. nurses understand why nurses would choose this journey, the struggles and triumphs associated with this journey, and how to more deeply connect with international nurses.

We are thrilled to announce the five inaugural members of our Clinical Advisory Board. We will work with these outstanding professionals over the next year with the goal of becoming a better company, partner, global contributor, and innovator. We know their voices will be an integral part of any advancement we make, and we look forward to the group challenging our current status quo.

Shearwater’s Inaugural Clinical Advisory Board

April Joy Hernando-Raboy

  • Department Night Supervisor in Fort Worth, TX
  • Shearwater Alumnus who signed with Shearwater in 2006 and moved to the U.S. in 2014
  • Originally from the Philippines
  • Loves being a mom to her son Alexander and traveling with family. Also currently pursuing her Master of Science in Nursing.


Bryan Alain Torralba

  • Emergency Department Case Manager in Pittsburgh, PA
  • Worked in Shearwater’s CPO facilities in the Philippines as a Workers’ Comp Utilization Review Team Leader and Trainer before taking his expertise to the U.S.
  • Originally from the Philippines
  • Enjoys vlogging and playing video games and his best experience in the U.S. so far was getting his license and driving for the first time.


Christine A. Kennedy-Hanlan

  • Emergency Room Nurse in Decatur, IL
  • Worked as a senior secretary and customer services representative before beginning her now 12-year career in nursing.
  • Originally from Jamaica
  • Enjoys the quiet, eco-friendly community with no traffics jams and accessibility to great shopping areas and adjoining states.


Danilo D. Caringal Jr.

  • Staff Nurse in Decatur, IL
  • 12 Years of Nursing Experience
  • Originally from the Philippines
  • Enjoys visiting new places and trying new foods in the U.S.


Jincy Theresa John

  • ICU Registered Nurse in Pittsburgh, PA
  • Worked in the ICU in Abu Dhabi for almost 10 years before moving to the U.S.
  • Originally from India
  • Loves working with patients and families in the U.S. and finds that people are welcoming, accommodating, and understanding. Makes her love her job more and more.