This is a time like no other. We are humbled by the dedication and courage of our employees and our U.S. clients, even as they must prioritize their health along with their loved ones.

Shearwater Health operates in distinct geographies and work settings globally. Our response in each has differed, requiring creativity, resilience, and commitment. As a healthcare company, we understand our actions have global implications for nurses and patients around the world, and we must act with speed, flexibility, and determination.

Shearwater nurses working at the bedside in the U.S. are on the front lines against this epidemic. They report to work each day to wage a battle against a global pandemic without equal in modern times. They know the risks, yet still bring compassion and nursing excellence as they provide the best care in the world to U.S. patients. We are coordinating with both our hospital clients and nurses to ensure the best protocols are followed in these difficult care settings.

In the Philippines, circumstances in Manila have led the Philippines government to place the entire island of Luzon under enhanced quarantine. In response, nurses who are able have put forth significant effort to set up a work-from-home environment by working with our IT team to arrange delivery of equipment. Other nurses have sacrificially chosen to relocate to nearby hotels or even set up sleeping quarters in our office. Still others can’t work from home or get to the office. For them, we are putting in place a plan to assist them to ensure they will still be compensated this pay period without taking away from their current applicable benefits.

At our other Philippines center in Cebu, most nurses have continued to come to the office even as they watch events unfold in Manila. Others are transitioning to work from home, anticipating the same events in Manila will transpire in Cebu. Still others are relocating to hotels near the office in anticipation of a government-mandated quarantine.

Our Philippines leadership team is working around the clock to enable and support Shearwater nurses so that they can continue to complete the critical work for our U.S. clients. They made the decision to move to work-from-home on March 16, and 4 days later have completely transformed the way in which we work. This was a bumpy process that required patience by all and was a herculean task.

In Nashville, our corporate employees have completely transitioned to a remote working environment. In the midst of that transition, they have worked tirelessly with our clients to accommodate their needs and ensure continued operations as smoothly as possible, working closely with our operations teams in Manila and Cebu.

As one of our clients told us today, “if we all work together, it WILL get better.” A very simple but important message: we are one global team with our clients, our nurses, and our leaders, bridging organizational, national, and cultural boundaries.

I couldn’t be prouder to call Shearwater Health my home. Next week, new challenges will emerge that we will have to respond to together, as one extended team. The days and weeks to come will be difficult, but the events of the last week overwhelmingly demonstrate that we are up for this challenge.

-Tom Kendrot, CEO