Rewarding Career.Increased Earning Potential.Stay in the Philippines.

Join our CPO® Team Today!

You don’t have to work overseas and leave your family behind to get a rewarding career.

Career growth opportunities, work-life balance, and rewarding pay & perks are now within your reach.

Don't get stuck in a job with limited growth and stressful environments.

Join over 3,000 other healthcare professionals who have a fulfilling career and are positively impacting global healthcare outcomes with Shearwater CPO® (Clinical Process Outsourcing).

Career growth, work-life balance, and rewarding
pay and perks are now within your reach!

No More Excessive Long Working Hours!

We offer 9-hour weekday shifts!

That means more time with your family.

Now more than ever, the service you provide is VITAL. 
So don’t worry about lay-offs.

Feel Unappreciated? 
At Shearwater, your success is celebrated with onsite and virtual events and activities.

Don't Get Stuck!

We offer multiple rewarding healthcare career ladders for you to choose from!

Clinical Process Outsourcing (CPO®) is healthcare-focused information management work that requires a clinician 

or is improved because of clinical expertise.

Shearwater Health ensures CPO® clinicians are well trained and equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to climb the ladder and get higher value jobs.

CPO® Career Pathways for Higher Value Jobs

At Shearwater, we enjoy investing in our people – providing training, credentialing scholarships, and avenues for multiple career paths so our employees can grow and increase their earning potential.

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