A Google search for “healthcare innovation” returns “about 209 million” results (in 0.59 seconds).

If one adds “at scale” to “healthcare innovation” the search result is a more manageable 84.4 million results.

It’s clear there are a lot of people looking for innovation in healthcare.

Why is Healthcare Innovation Important?

There are many issues plaguing the healthcare industry that drive the need for innovation. The U.S. nursing shortage, aging baby boomers, a rise in chronic diseases, healthcare consumer expectation, and drug abuse crises – just to name a few. Innovation is important because the healthcare system desperately needs change to adapt to these issues. The good news is that we have seen amazing innovation, especially in technology. We’re grateful to be based in Nashville, where we rub shoulders with innovative healthcare companies all the time.

But as noted by HealthCatalyst in their article on healthcare innovation, there needs to be more disruptive innovation. This type of innovation should focus on preventative care, customized care plans based on genetics and DNA, and technology that enables better health encounters and delivery design.

With this in mind, are you considering a new healthcare technology? Do you already have a healthcare technology but feel it’s underutilized? What goal(s) does your company hope to achieve in 2019?

How to Achieve Your Healthcare Innovation Goal in 2019

For organizations that seek to create and execute healthcare innovation at scale, and with cost efficiency, a new Google search tactic is required. Healthcare innovation is often expensive and heavy on technology. And while the technology is important, technology can’t entirely replace clinicians. So how do you get cost efficiency, maintain clinical quality, and leverage your new technology?

Let’s try a different search term.

Entering “Clinical Process Outsourcing” or CPO® yields just over 9.6 million results. The top postings from that search all point to Shearwater Health.

Shearwater now approaches the tenth-year anniversary of the launch of CPO®, and we celebrate our growth from a few dozen to over 2,500 dedicated healthcare professionals. We reflect upon the success of our team and of our clients to create and execute healthcare innovations to be adopted at scale.

  • Today, in collaboration with CPO® strategies, healthcare firms are reexamining how to align clinical staff closer to the patient bedside or to the clinic office.
  • Others are finding ways to increase the number of house calls per day and to reduce the commute time between appointments.
  • With analytics, healthcare organizations can now predict outcomes (such as missed patient appointments or fall propensity) and implement CPO® strategies to yield improved patient safety and provider efficiency.
  • And in a world of value-based care models and quality transparency, CPO® is enabling organizations to accurately represent patient compliance, ensure coding accuracy for services provided, and achieve proper risk scores of patient populations.


What healthcare innovation is your company seeking to create and to scale in 2019?

Contact us here or send us an e-mail to info@swhealth.com if you’d like to see how CPO® could help support your outcome.

Ted Merhoff
Chief Strategy Officer