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About Us

Mission Statement

Shearwater Health expands the size and impact of clinical teams.


Shearwater Health strives to be the leader in efficient, scalable, and accessible healthcare solutions.


Integrity, Commitment to Service & Excellence, Ownership, Respect, Entrepreneurial Spirit

At Shearwater Health we know that your company wants to be an exceptional healthcare organization.

In order to do that, you need to expand the size and impact of your clinical teams.

The problem is a shortage of clinicians in the U.S. which makes you feel stuck and distracted from your goals.

We believe it should be easy to fill clinical positions.

But we understand it’s never been harder to hire and retain high quality clinicians...

...which is why we have over 3,000 of them solving medical and administrative problems every hour of every day. Shearwater combines clinical expertise with Six Sigma process excellence and RPA technology to improve healthcare outcomes.

Shearwater’s focus on clinical workflows allows us to provide premium services for Hospitals and Health Systems, Health Plans, Managed Care Organizations and TPAs, and Healthcare Service Companies.

A few of our main services include Utilization Management, HEDIS & Quality Performance, Risk Adjustment, Rev Cycle Management, Bill Review, Peer Review, Telehealth, Care Management, and Quality as a Service.


When you work with us, you’re in control of an extended clinical team.

We’ll help you

1) determine your clinical team needs,
2) guide you in building a dedicated clinical team, and
3) systematically increase production to amplify clinical impact.

Now you can stop worrying about high turnover and instead have confidence to scale your clinical teams.

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